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Results from the Austin Defense Team

Recent Outcomes in Criminal Defense Cases

The attorneys at the Austin Defense Team are proud of their history of fighting hard for their clients' rights. Our dedication and experience across a broad range of case types has yielded many positive results for the arrested and accused. Our team has developed a reputation for hard work and aggressive legal solutions and clients across Texas have trusted us when they needed legal help. While no lawyer can guarantee an outcome, we present a sample of our results to current and prospective clients as a testament to our commitment. To learn how we can help you, contact our firm online or call us at (512) 399-3221.

    • Domestic Violence Case Dismissed

      Client and her spouse were in an argument. Client admitted to hitting spouse numerous times. Spouse had cuts and bruises.

    • High BAC DWI Arrest Case Dismissed

      State v. K.P. was a .295 blood draw case in the Austin area. She feared losing her professional license and the personal and professional repercussions that would come from it. The police had a valid contact, she failed the field sobriety tests with the officer indicating every clue of intoxication, and a blood draw warrant resulted in a .295 blood test result.

    • Possession of Marijuana Case Dismissed

      Client was stopped for speeding. Officer smelled marijuana in the vehicle. Client consented to search of vehicle. Officer found Marijuana

    • Truck Driver DWI Arrest Case Dismissed

      Professional Truck driver arrested for second DWI. Admits to drinking for hours on sixth street, failed field sobriety tests with 15 out of 18 clues, and was passed out in car with car running. If convicted he would receive a lifetime suspension of his CDL.

    • .295 BAC DWI Arrest Case Dismissed

      Cedar Park police arrested client for DWI. Failed Field Sobriety Tests, had a strong odor of alcohol and an empty liquor bottle. .295 blood test.

    • DWI and Possession of Marijuana DWI dismissed/refiled to non-DWI and POM dismiss

      Pulled over for driving erratically. Arrested for DWI and Possession of Marijuana. Prior criminal history of drug possession. Strong odor of alcohol, dilated pupils, and failed field sobriety tests.

    • DWI Arrest Case Dismissed

      College professor here on a green card, up for tenure. Pulled over for swerving between lanes. Strong odor of alcohol and unable to maintain balance. Glass of wine in center console. Blood test indicating intoxication.

    • DWI Arrest | Car Wreck Case Dismissed

      Previously served 7 years for Intoxication Manslaughter in a different state. Considered an “habitual offender”. Flipped truck over while driving home. Empty beer cans and a half empty bottle of whiskey in the truck. Admits to drinking with a strong smell of alcohol. Indicates all clues on the Field Sobriety Tests.